Music and Audio

Voidmedia creates music and audio tracks for your storytelling: 

  • a project studio based on a UA Apollo system for music and voice recordings
  • a network of excellent, reliable studio musicians with a high degree of experience
  • composing and arrangement services
  • songwriting and copywriting services (in English and German)
  • scoring services, printed, or as a Sibelius or Finale file
  • audio production with ProTools, Logic, Cubase, Ableton Live
  • a great sample library including the VSL orchestra

From the point of view of media professionals, we're also expert sound and music designers for your Movie, TV or Games project.

Production Sketches - On Soundcloud

Feel free to check out our 2015 production sketches on Soundcloud, produced digitally in our project studio. (full playlist embedded below).

Three Portals (Monday) - A 30'' trailer production for GameLab. At our workshop, Monday was "creative day". There was talk of monsters and other dimensions a lot.

Three Portals (Wednesday) - On Wednesday our deadline was closing in, the designers settled for something a bit less edgy and quicker to build - and the music adapted accordingly.

A death in the family - A sad, foreboding and classically arranged "instrumental cue" excerpt, written at the preproduction stage of a short movie - fully scored in Finale, preproduced with the VSL sample library - ready to record or develop further.

Ambient Gymnopaedie - An electronic, ambient-style background track based on Eric Satie's famous piece.

Son Montuno - A fully scored production sketch with an authentic afrocuban rhythm group, flute and brass.

Production Sketches - Full Playlist

Our very own Easter Egg

We're embedded in a network of versatile and highly creative studio musicians. As a little bonus (and if you're into rock'n'roll...): This is a demo video we created in two days in last years Jimi Hendrix workshop @ hKDM Freiburg: